Bush Comes to Town

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President George W. Bush took the stage Thursday afternoon in Hopkinsville touting plans to overhaul Social Security.

Bush spoke to a thousand people at the Hopkinsville Christian County Conference Center. In his speech, Bush said as the baby boomers begin to retire there are fewer workers to support social security and he said changes are needed and now is the time to react.

Bush said in 1950, there16 workers for every retiree, now that gap is 3 workers per retiree.

Bush has proposed creating personal accounts that would allow people to use a small portion of their payroll taxes to invest instead of counting only on Social Security.

Bush said this plan would not affect current social security recipients but did say it’s the younger generation that will suffer if something is not done.

There were a handful of protesters at the Hopkinsville Social Security office but they didn’t hang around long.