"Project Christmas"

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Through the efforts of Barren County High School students, foster children will see a plethora of presents Christmas morning.

Students enrolled in one class took it upon themselves to become Santa's helpers this year. The 17 students have raised an amazing $3,200 by selling cookies, paper angels and placing jars around town. Friday instead of hitting the books, they hit the stores in search of Christmas. Students were given $100 to fulfill the wishes of 32 foster children. Teacher, CheyAnne Fant said her students seem to benefit as much as the foster children, developing character and values.

Each year, the Cabinet for Family and Children gives foster families $50 per child to purchase gifts, the remainder of Christmas morning ordinarily falls upon foster parents. However this year, every foster child in Barren County will benefit from this class project. Presents purchased will be distributed to needy families within the coming days.