Newborn Found

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A newborn is listed in good condition after being left in a carboard box, on the front porch of a Butler County home. Shawna Beattey of Leonard Oaks stepped out her front door to retrieve another log for the fire when she noticed the child. The infant was just hours old, its hair was matted and its umbilical cord was tied in a knot.

Beattey says although the child was wrapped in a woolen blanket, the cold temperatures could have spelled disaster. The infant was taken to the Medical Center where she is listed in good condition. Kentucky State Police say the identity of the mother is pending.

Rare situations such as this prompted legislature to create a bill giving those struggling parents an alternative. Senate Bill 55 allows parents to legally drop off their unwanted newborn at hospitals, police departments and fire stations. The infant can't show sign of abuse nor neglect and must be handed over within 72 hours. Before this legislation, parents doing so could face a slew of criminal charges.