City Commission Close to Approving Zero-Based Budget

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Bowling Green City Commissioner, Brian "Slim" Nash, says: "It was a long meeting. A necessary one, I think. Part of the zero-based budgeting we knew was going to be a much more lengthy process."

The nine hour Saturday city commission meeting allowed commissioners to voice questions and concerns about certain agency and department funding. One agency that was approved for the money they asked for is the Humane Society.

Commissioner Nash says: "One of the things that impressed me about the Humane Society had to say in their presentation was they were looking long range on how they could reduce the amount of money they were asking for from local government."

Another agency to receive money is the Drug Task Force.

Commissioner Nash says: "Drug Task Force received the amount of money they asked for. It is an increase over money they've received in the past."

Commissioner Nash says the Task Force had lost federal funding and the city felt it was important to make up the loss. Girls Inc was one of the agencies denied funding.

Girls Inc. Director, Patty Alford, says: "I asked for $10,000. I think there was concern there because I do get money from the United Way, that if I got money then maybe the other United Way agents would want to apply and then that would just put more burden on the city."

Alford says she understands and was happy with the zero-based budget process.

Alford says: "I just appreciate being allowed to apply for the money. That's the first year we had even been allowed to apply for it."

Nash says it's unfortunate that not all agencies can be funded this year- but the city has to allocate money to the most necessary needs.

Commissioner Nash says: "We have to prioritize what those needs are. Once we get that priority list we can start allocating the available funding to those priorities...and unfortunately those that are at the low end of priorities get left out."

Other agencies to get approved funding include:
Economic Development
Hobson House
Historic Preservation
Community Action
Primary Action
Capitol Arts
Welfare Center
Disaster Emergency Services
Operation Pride
Chamber Orchestra

Those agencies were approved, but none received the exact amount they requested.

All funding for Prime Time Events was cut. Commissioner Nash says Prime Time Events has scheduled a meeting with him about that.