Prime Time Events: Future Without Funding Looks Uncertain

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Senior Event Coordinator for Prime Time Events, Chad Delpont, says: "Prime Time Events is a non-profit organization. We've been funded by the city and the county for the last seven years."

So what does Prime Time Events do? They put on events like the Chocolate Festival for Hospice. They also work on the Junior Achievement Corvette Classic, Scotty's Sand In the City, The U.S Bank Balloons Tunes and BBQ, The Medical Center 10K Classic and Houchens Winter Lights.

Delpont says: "Prime Time Events fills that void where nonprofits have a lot of short staff sometimes. There's not a lot of money in non-profits and Prime Time Events really steps up and takes that burden away from them."

Prime Time Events was created because special events in Bowling Green were in danger of not happening. Now they may be in risk again.

Delpont says: "At this time, without funding from the city, Prime Time Events will have to close its doors."

City Commissioners voted Saturday to cut funding for Prime Time Events for the 2005-2006 fiscal year. Delpont is currently the only employee at Prime Time Events and says the funding they receive from the city helps pay for his salary, rent for the building and insurance.
Prime Time Events does charge their organizations a nominal fee for the events they plan.

Delpont says: "However that isn't enough to sustain a budget so without the funding from the city we will certainly have to close the doors."