Riccardo Vettraino Gets New Trial

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Riccardo Vettraino was convicted in 1996 of shooting and killing Julie Speakman, and severely wounding her husband John, in the kitchen of their home in 1995. But in 2003, then Warren Circuit Judge John Minton set aside Vettraino's conviction, when it was learned Speakman had a gun in his night stand. That information had not been revealed in Vettraino's original trial, so now he gets a new one.

Today Judge John Grise set Vettraino's new trial for March 6, 2006. And Vettraino's attorney, David Broderick, says his client will soon be out of prison, once his $500,000 bond is met. That's to be done with $300,000 cash, and a $200,000 surety bond put up by Vettraino's family.

But there are conditions to Vettraino's release including: 24-hour home incarceration with electronic monitoring in his parents' residence in Michigan, and police can check at any time to make sure Vettraino is in his parents' home.