Bowling Green Projects Prepare for Cuts

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Facing substantial budget cuts a handful of city-funded projects in Bowling Green are fighting back to save their budgets.

Projects like "Operation P.R.I.D.E" plan to show up in force at tomorrow night's city commission meeting to plead their case.

Commissioners have already decided how to spend the city's estimated $82 million budget for next year.

That includes some cuts for projects like "Prime Time Events" and "Operation Pride" which could face 50% cutbacks in city money.

We maintain different types of programs. Cemetery Road. for instance. We try to maintain that area and do different types of things that help improve our community. So I think it's a bad idea to cut us simply because we are the kind of organization that the city and county can benefit from," said Catherine Thomas, Operation P.R.I.D.E.'s director.

"We're gonna give them as much as we can, and if they have reduced funding, then they need to see where they can cut," said Mayor Elaine Walker.

"Some of them are very top heavy in terms of salaries, and some of them have very little in the way of salaries, and the money we give them funnels directly into services. Those are the kind of issues those agencies need to look at,' Walker said.

The commission is expected to pass its first reading of the budget at tomorrow night's meeting beginning at 7pm in city hall.