Green River Lock and Dam No. 6

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The Army Corps of Engineers recommends the demolition of Green River lock, and dam number six, in Edmonson County. It’s completed a four year study of unused facilities on the Green and Barren rivers.

But some residents in the community worry if the dam is taken out, they may have to add an extra thirty minutes to their drive time each day. That’s because many people in the county use a ferry to get to the other side of the river. Some fear if the dam is taken out, the water levels will be too low for the ferry to operate.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, I really don’t.”

Lisa Landers uses the Houchens ferry to get to work. She says if the ferry isn’t there, it will add 25 extra minutes to her drive.

The Edmonson County fiscal court is opposing removal of the lock and dam unless the Corps of Engineers builds an alternative transportation mode for the northern section of the county.

Judge executive N. E. Reed says the county is afraid by moving the lock and dams, it will lower the water level to where the ferries won’t be able to run.

The removal of lock and dam 6 would restore the Green River to its natural Conditions in Mammoth Cave.

Right now, Judge Reed says he’s not sure when a final decision will be made to demolish the lock and dam, or if there’s enough money to fund the project.

The recommendation to demolish Green River lock and dam number six could take years to go into effect, and must receive congressional approval. If that happens, the project still has to be included in the federal budget.