Stolen Vehicles Found

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The Warren County Sheriff's Department received a call from The Department of Fish and Wildlife saying there were two vehicles in the water at Green River.

Captain Brent Brown, with the Warren County Sheriff's Department, says it's not uncommon for someone to steal a vehicle, take the parts they can use, and then get rid of the rest.

The department called in the license plate numbers and discovered both of the vehicles were stolen.

Now they'll contact the insurance companies and the Army Corp of Engineers to see what can be done with the cars.

The Warren County Rescue Squad helped the Sheriff's Department find the stolen cars with their technology.

Brian Lowry says: "We've got a sonar unit that will almost literally give us a picture of the vehicles in the water."

Along with the sonar is an underwater camera, where they can see license plate numbers.

However in some cases the cars have been submerged for so long, the numbers are covered, so a diver has to go in the water.

Lowry says the new technology the department has makes locating these vehicles a lot easier.