Warren County Girl Found

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After searching for several hours, crews have found a Warren County autistic girl.

The 10 year-old went missing while at a Girl Scout Camp.

Allison Small of Warren County was reunited with her mom, after crews searched for her for hours.

Allison went missing around 3:00 at Houchens Girl Scout Camp on Barren River Road.

Allison is autistic and suffers from severe seizures. She wandered off in front of the camp and said she was looking for a friend.

Crews found her waist-high in the woods right before night fall.

Allison's mother, Cari Small, was relieved to have her daughter back in arms. She said, "I was very excited but it was one of those moments when I didn't know if I should fuss at her for putting us through this or hug her...obviously I gave her a big hug...she's a special girl, that's for sure."

Allison was dehydrated, but didn't suffer any other injuries.

Warren County Rescue Squad, Emergency Management, Stat Care, and eight surrounding county Fire Departments all helped with the search.