Bowling Green/Warren County Asking To Be Sued

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Bowling Green's city government and the Warren County government will ask a federal judge to add their names to the list of defendants in a lawsuit aimed at stopping the Transpark's development.

Two environmental groups and three individuals filed suit against the
EPA, TVA, and the department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington last week.

They're asking a judge to temporarily stop further development at the Trimodal Transpark while they try to convince a jury that the federal agencies have broken the law in helping the project get off its feet.

Bowling Green's mayor says the city and county want to join the lawsuit because they are the only ones with money at stake.

"The entities who are directly affected by actions of the Transpark are the city and county who have actually backed the bonds, and so we are responsible for the bonds," said Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

"Those agencies have no way or no knowledge of whether they should defend it or not. Since we are the only stakeholders, we felt that even though the people who filed it didn't include us, that we should be included so that we have a place at the table," said Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon.

The City Commission has already approved hiring Whayne Priest to represent them and Warren County's Fiscal Court will vote on a similar resolution tomorrow morning at their regular meeting.

A federal judge will make the final decision on whether to add the city and county as defendants.