Thursday's Child

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Shaken Baby Syndrome can cause severe neurological consequences to an infant. This Thursday’s child was a victim.

Aperial was born on September 12, 2001. The day after the most violent attack on us soil was no less violent for her.

"All I know is she was really shaken bad and it has destroyed almost all her brain cells."

Evelyn and Jim Meyers have been fostering children for 44 years.

"When they gave her to me, the first thing I did was say let me rock this baby; she'd never been rocked; I did it to my own satisfaction."

Evelyn says within three months, rocking Aperial was making a difference. She began to respond to people and voices, and even started making noise of her own.

"Even though she is almost four years old, she's like a baby; she coos and does all things little babies do."

Jim, Evelyn, and their other foster children, Zach and Kisha, care for Aperial around the clock, but they see it as a blessing rather than a chore.

"With her we just love her; we don't look at it as a challenge; we do whatever we have to."