Simpson County Animal Shelter

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For some it’s their last chance to survive. The Simpson County Animal Shelter is home to around 25 dogs but if these dogs cannot be adopted, workers say they have no other choice than to euthanize. That’s because a new Simpson County Animal Shelter is in the process of being built, but the animals at the old building will not be allowed to move into the new building in fear of spreading illnesses.

Shelter Volunteers, like Vicki Sharer are part of a nonprofit organization called Friends of the Shelter, who try and raise awareness and funding for the animals. Sharer says Simpson County needed a bigger shelter due to the progression of the community.

“All of the dogs need homes because they're not planning on bringing any of the animals over to the new shelter.”

All of the animals are safe and can be adopted but as a safety precaution volunteers say they can’t take any chances in spreading diseases to other animals, therefore no animals in the current building can be moved into the new shelter.

The new Simpson County Animal Shelter received an $86,000 state grant to help pay for the cost of the building, but the shelter still needs money for food, cages and other items. If you would like to make a donation here’s the number to the shelter: (270) 586-5778.

Unlike the old shelter, the new one will also house cats.

If you’re interested in adopting an animal log onto: