BG Skatepark Welcomed/Questioned

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If you've got a son or daughter that loves skateboarding, or are tired of skaters shredding your sidewalks, help is on the way.

Bowling Green's City Commission voted Tuesday night to spend $850,000 to build a new skatepark within the next year.

The park will be designed as a central recreation area for what local skaters say is a popular and growing sport.

"We see them out in front of our store all the time, and business owners run em off. And they get a bad reputation for tearing stuff up and that just doesn't really happen that much, they just don't have anywhere to skate," said skate shop Blue Wallace owner Troy Reece.

Some taxpayers are complaining, saying the skatepark money could have been used for public projects with a broader appeal.

But Commissioner Slim Nash says a safe park will appeal to skaters and their families.

"I think too often we get tunnel vision and talk about the one person who might go out and use a park rather than the other people who would support it," Nash said.

Local skaters say a professional park would be able to attract competitions and events that could help generate revenue for the city.

Parks and rec officials are looking at Roland Bland Park or the Russel Sims Waterpark as the 2 main possibilites for the skatepark site.