GM Healthcare Plan

General Motors Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner, announced the company would cut 25,000 jobs and close an unspecified number of plants.

Now the United Autoworkers Union is concerned about its members’ healthcare.

The President of UAW 2164, Eldon Renaud, says: "The problem is that General Motors is in I guess pretty rough financial state, and now they're asking the union to talk about concessions in healthcare."

Renaud says healthcare costs for General Motors have increased recently. He says it's gone up "from 51.2 to 51.6 billion dollars for healthcare because actually they insure about 1.1 million people all together."

Renaud adds the current healthcare contract expires in 2007 and the union will maintain good healthcare for its members, while working to reduce the burden for GM as much as it can.

Renaud also says the current contract is not in jeopardy of being re-opened.

General Motors management in Bowling Green says it does not have a comment at this time.