Loving Springs Baptist is Rebuilt

For the last seven days, members of the Loving Springs Baptist Church have rebuilt their sanctuary, with the help of an organization called Carpenters for Christ.

The group travels to a city for one week every June, and helps one small church rebuild from the ground up.

Jim McMurray, is a volunteer from Alabama, and he says: "To see these folks going out here and to see the excitement on their faces and emotions, it makes it all worthwhile."

Besides the hope this new building is giving the congregation, workers have noticed it's also helping to bring the entire community together.

Mike Montgomery is a member of Loving Springs Baptist and says: "It's been incredible, it's been an outpouring of God's love for this community. I was amazed at how everyone from all walks of life have come together."

Now that the exterior of the church is almost complete, subcontractors will come in to work on the interior.