Power Bills Set to Rise

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TVA power has announced a 7.5% increase in power rates beginning in October, affecting every power customer in the mid-South.

This is the first rate hike in two years for TVA, and it will mean your bill will go up by 4 to 5 dollars a month.

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities did not take on a raise of their own the last time TVA came calling, but this time they will.

BGMU officials say that's because they have several million dollars of new projects in the works, and the rising cost of fuel is hitting them hard.

"We always want the best deal for our customers. This was mandated by TVA, though, and it has been a while since BGMU's had a rate increase. So we need to do it at this time," said Bill Borders, BGMU's electric division head.

Four or five bucks a month doesn't sound like a whole lot, but for the Vanderpool family with three young children every cent counts.

"You know every penny counts for something. Especially with 3 kids behind me. We need every bit we can possibly put toward their needs and our needs. So any kinda hike in power or any kind of increase for us, we'd rather not," said Jon Vanderpool.