Construction Plans Set

Bowling Green is growing. Just drive down Three Springs Road or Veterans Memorial and the heavy traffic will prove it.

"We've got continuing challenges to make sure our highway system is keeping up with growing demands. Many of them were built many years ago and traffic is going beyond capability for the highway system to keep up with."

State Highway Commissioner Marc Williams and State Senator Bret Guthrie toured Bowling Green Wednesday to get a closer look at some of the city's most congested streets.

"I think people are concerned about how much time they spend in traffic, backing up, and not being able to get out of their neighborhoods."

Much of that concern is from heavy traffic on Veterans Memorial, Three Springs Road and Plano Road. Senator Guthrie says these areas will likely be added to the existing six year road plan, and presented to the General Assembly in January.

"I just want to make sure they see the traffic flow, backups and all the issues here in Warren County as they move forward with the plan."

A series of other construction projects are set to start, including the
I-65 expansion from Warren County to the Tennessee line, work on 68-80 near the transpark and Kentucky 880 to extend Bowling Green's northern bypass over to the west side of town.

"We're in the middle of what may be record construction in Kentucky, $700-800 million alone this year."