Bowling Green’s Former CFO Items are Auctioned Off

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Hundreds of bidders and curious citizens browsed through
Davis Cooper’s estate early Saturday morning.

“Like most of the people here, I came to speculate, I
think there’s a lot of people curious to see what all is
happening,” Bowling Green resident Lynn Davenport said.

More than 500 pieces of Cooper’s belongings went up for
sale at an auction at the Sloan Convention Center in
Bowling Green.

Everything from a couple of corvettes to a Rolex to even
some Christmas decorations were sold in an effort to pay
back millions of taxpayers money, Davis Cooper admits to

A federal grand jury indicted the former Bowling Green
Financial Officer in May on charges of embezzling funds,
money laundering and engaging in monetary transactions using
funds derived from unlawful activity.

Cooper was arrested back in March and accused of taking
money from the city’s tax receipts first as city treasurer
since 1980 and then as Chief Financial Officer since 2002.

All of the net proceeds from the auction will go directly
back to Bowling Green taxpayers. An official amount
collected from Saturday’s sales will not be released until
Monday. We’ll let you know as soon as that number becomes

Cooper is currently out of jail on a $50,000 unsecured