Firework Safety

Any firework stand has dozens of items claiming to spin, spark, and make noise, but not all of them will tell you what could go wrong.

Andora Hall and her family have been selling fireworks in Bowling Green for 15 years. Hall says what shocks her most is parents who seem to think letting young children play with fireworks is part of enjoying the Fourth of July.

"They'll let them play with them without supervision. A lot of times kids that age don't think about safety or getting burned.”

Hall suggests shopping around, asking questions and knowing which fireworks are best suited for your family.

When shopping for fireworks, there are a few things you need to know. Vendors must have a permit posted for consumers to see. In Kentucky, it's illegal to sell any firework that flames, propels or explodes, unlike Tennessee.

Hall says above all, there's one thing consumers shouldn't forget. "Make sure to always supervise children, even older ones. There are no safe fireworks and no one wants to get injured over the holiday."