Fashion For Good

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"Fashion For Good is a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty from around the world to get together with the fashion industry and try to promote good citizenship, inclusion, and moral values."

Wilma King and a friend thought up the idea for Fashion For Good one afternoon while sitting in her driveway.

"We got excited about it. We didn't know that it what ever get so big."

Next week King and students from Kentucky and Italy will meet up for Fashion for Good week in Italy.

"We'll be working with homeless perhaps or hungry or whatever they want us do, is what we'll do."

King says she has a hard time not getting star struck with the impressive designers helping out with Fashion For Good.

"Anna Fendi is going to be on a panel with us in Rome. We have the former head designer for Armani who is now in business for himself. We have Cosmo Gucci."

A leader with the design house, Alta Roma, is already doing his part to include others in society with fashion.

"One wonderful thing he has done is to work with women in prison and utilize their skills in fashion somehow."

King hopes the trip becomes an annual event that can teach respect and human dignity to all involved.

There are 11 students from Kentucky going on the trip with King. Most of them are public relations majors. While in Italy they will also get the chance to work at the Fashion Institute of Technology. They will also visit "The Last Supper" painting and other historic sites in Rome.

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