Bowling Green Standoff Ends Peacefully

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A man is behind bars after leading police on a high-speed chase that ends in a two-hour standoff.

It all began Sunday evening when 38-year-old Joey Fields of Bowling Green disregarded a traffic stop.

When police tried to stop Fields, he pulled out his shotgun firing once at police.

Fields then led police on a high-speed chase on Interstate 65, hitting speeds of more than a hundred miles per hour ending at Britthaven of Bowling Green.

Luckily, no one was injured in this chase or standoff that police are calling a “desperate act.”

Those with loved ones inside the nursing home like Paul Murzi, couldn’t do anything but watch everything unfold from right across the street.

"I sat across the street watching it, very, very, nervously because I didn't know what might happen."

Fields screamed at police and talked on a cell phone for almost two hours until negotiators convinced him to surrender.

While Fields made no attempt to enter the nursing home, the patients were moved to the back of the building for safety precautions.

Fields was arrested once before in 2001, for unlawful transaction with a minor and rape in the third degree.

Currently, Fields is lodged in the Warren County Jail. He’s charged with wanton endangerment and fleeing and evading police. Plus, additional charges may follow.

Britthaven nursing home officials say everything was under control and residents were never in harms way.

Police say they know why Fields stopped at Britthaven nursing home but are not releasing that information.