Abused Animals Taken From Abandoned Home

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Dr. Shantila Rexroat says, "The sheriff called me to the premises and I was mainly interested in a block building that really stunk."

Dr. Rexroat says when she got to the building she saw one of the worst cases of animal cruelty she'd ever seen.

Dr. Rexroat says, "I entered the building and found six dogs that couldn't get out of their crates, hadn't been out of their crates in a long time. They were standing in inches of their own bowel movement."

She says the little water the dogs had was sludge and many of them didn't have any food. When she looked closer she saw something worse.

Dr. Rexroat says, "There were maggots around all the cages. There were maggots everywhere."

When Dr. Rexroat heard barking and puppies whining inside the trailer on the property she went in to find even more dogs being neglected.

Dr. Rexroat says, "We found three adult females in the house with no water. Eight puppies in one of the bedrooms with the female. The puppies were lethargic, dehydrated, and in need of medical attention."

Dr. Shannon Campbell says, "The smell was coming in our front door from the parking lot."

Dr. Campbell treated the dogs when they were brought to the Adair County Animal Hospital. She says she and the other employees were there until 9 p.m. cleaning the puppies and dogs. They were then examined and treated for parasites. After going through all that, the doctors agree that the dogs are ready for a better life.

Dr. Campbell says, "They are an excellent breed of dogs. They are going to be really nice pets."

If you are interested in fostering or potentially adopting one of these dogs, please call the Metcalfe County Judge Executive at (270) 432-3181 or call the Adair County Animal Hospital at (270) 384-6113.

If you would like to make a donation to the Green River Animal Welfare League in support of the Green River Animal Shelter, please send to:

P.O. Box 370
Columbia, KY 42728