Sheriff "Peanuts" Gaines Shares His Memory of Peter Jennings

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The death of Peter Jennings is hitting close to home. Warren County Sheriff Peanuts Gaines recently spoke to Jennings on the phone when an ABC News producer mistakenly called.

Sheriff Gaines asked the producer if she ever talked to Jennings and she responded that the anchorman was standing right next to her.

Sheriff Gaines says: "I said, let me talk to him. She said 'Peter would you talk to the sheriff?' He said, 'Well sure. This is Peter Jennings'. I said, 'I watch you every night on TV. You’re my favorite anchorman. I'd love to have an autographed picture."

Jennings asked for the address and now Sheriff Gaines has the autographed photo proudly displayed in his office. He said when he learned of Jennings' death, he felt saddened.