CERT Training Prepares Citizen Rescuers

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If a natural disaster were to hit South Central Kentucky, you might be surprised at who you could turn to for help.

Hundreds of volunteers across the region are becoming certified rescue workers through the CERT training program.

Citizens sit through 7 classes that teach them medical and rescue techniques they can use in an emergency.

CERT teachers say areas like Alvaton would be unreachable by ambulance after an earthquake.

"These communities need to be able to be self-sufficient and need to be able to actually help each other in what they're doing. So that's our goal to have those teams in each community," said JanaRae Conway, a CERT trainer.

"We hope we never have to use it. But we also hope that if something happens, we will be able to take care of our families first, and then go to the families of the relatives around us," said CERT volunteer Sue Greathouse.

The CERT training will wrap up at the end of the month with a live exercise to demonstrate emergency conditions.