How old is too old?

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Every time there's a deadly accident involving an older driver... The same questions come up. How old is too old to drive? And should older drivers have to re-test every now and then to keep their licenses?
At this point, we don't know exactly what caused the accident in Leitchfield.
Regardless of that, many of you are asking these questions.
A Butler County woman driving more than 50 years says she knows age is a concern when she's behind the wheel. But, Exie Hawes' car is her independence and she only drives where she's most comfortable. With a handicapped tag on her rear view mirror, seat belt buckled, and radio off, she ventures out into Morgantown many times a week. She says she doesn't want to depend on anyone else to get her around. At 87, she is very in tune with her driving skills, and she fears one day her freedom will end.
Younger drivers in Bowling Green have differing opinions while some say elder drivers should get tested occasionally and keep driving, others disagree saying elder drivers need to stay off the roads.
The Department of Motor Vehicles currently does not offer classes for older people to re-fresh their driving skills.