Green River Discovery

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Three vehicles were pulled from Green River Saturday and some residents say this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Muhlenberg County resident, E.P. Piper says he’s seen a lot of cars slide right in Green River at the TVA Boat Ramp in Paradise because they don’t use their 4-wheel drive.

"You got to watch what you're doing."

According to rescue workers, sliding into the river isn’t the only reason why cars end up there. Workers say some of the vehicles discovered are more than likely stolen.

Workers already knew about two of the three vehicles they retrieved over the weekend, but the third one came as a surprise.

Central City Fire Chief, Ricky King, says unless someone recognizes the vehicle on television, it’s unlikely they will ever find out who it belongs to.

"It didn't have a VIN number or license plate number so we're pretty sure it was stolen, but nobody knows where from or how long."

On average, the Central City Fire and Rescue will pull two vehicles out of Green River every year, either because the car is stolen or because it was an accident.

Rescue workers say they believe there’s still a fourth vehicle in the river and plan to retrieve it the next opportunity they have.