Bowling Green Could See Cable TV Competition

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If you live in Bowling Green you could soon have more than one option for cable service.

The City Commission is asking Bowling Green municipal Utilities to explore the possibility of installing a fiber network to every home in their service area.

If that happens, the company could rent out access to its network allowing other cable providers to sell to Bowling Green residents.

Comissioner Mark Alcott, who is on the BGMU board, suggested the feasibility study. He says a similar fiber network in Jackson Tennessee allows residents a much broader and faster Internet connection, and could save consumers up to $100 a month if their phone, Internet, and cable services are bundled together.

Insight cable is the only current cable choice in town but Mayor Walker says they don't have an exclusive contract.

Insight and BellSouth communications spoke out against the fiber network idea tonight. They say they've invested millions of private funds into building their own networks, and say there isn't a customer demand for such a network. "You don't need a firehouse to fill up a kitchen sink," said Insight's General Manager, Rick Williams.

Williams and his BellSouth counterpart say they aren't anit-competition, but don't believe a rentable fiber network would be a level playing field.

The commission will hear the study's results in November.