Russellville Python Found

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Rhea Boulevard is not used to this much attention.

"Last night the search and rescue unit was called to the scene," says Rodney Harkleroad of Logan Emergency Management.

Russellville residents say this neighborhood is usually quiet. That all changed when wes waller lost his pet.

"It's my pet snake," says snake owner, Wesley Waller.

His pet snake is a little bit larger than a typical dog or cat. Actually, a lot larger.

"14 foot long, weighs in at 102 pounds officially," says Waller.

And though local crews want the snake found, they don't know what to expect when they find it.

"If I walk up on it in a bush, it'd startle me," Harkleroad says.

Startle is right. But that does not seem to affect the snake's owner.

"Her name is Fluffy," states Waller.

He just wants Fluffy found. And he says he will look until he finds her.

"There she is!" Waller says.

The Albino Burmese Python was found under his house and after wrestling her, and wrestling her, he finally got her back into her pin.

"I am very pleased to have her back and contained and part of the family once more," says Waller.

The neighbors feel the same way!

"I'm very relieved," states a neighbor.

"No one was hurt, she wasn't hurt and everyone is happy," Waller says.

Logan County Emergency Management, the Logan County Fire Department, and the Police Department began looking for the snake around 7:30 Monday night. Their search ended at 11:00 Tuesday morning. Fluffy's owner says it usually eats a rabbit but has been known to ingest a 30 pound pig.