Dog Park Coming To Bowling Green

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Benny loves playing with his owner Jared Chedester.

Chedester says, "There's no where really to walk your dog. Campus and parks, but there's no where really to take them and just let them run."

Now that the Bowling Green City Commission has set aside funding for a dog park, Benny will get to run and play with other dogs too.

Chedester says, "Where he can have some fun and just be a dog."

The park will occupy about five acres of land at H.P. Thomas Park, in Shawnee Estates. There will be no initial cost for bringing a dog to the park. However there are some rules the dogs and their owners must obey.

Ernie Gouvas is the Director of Bowling Green Parks & Rec. He says, "Some of the rules are, first, your dog has to be licensed and vaccinated. But the bulk of the rules will deal with the dogs’ behavior. Only the owner knows how they react around dogs and other people and things like that."

Owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

Gouvas says, "That' going to be rule one. You have to pick up. And if your dog digs, you have to fill in the holes."

The city commission has allocated $50,000 for the park renovations, but only $20,000 or $25,000 will actually benefit dogs. That will go toward fencing in the area. Private contributions will take care of sprucing it up.

Chedester says, "We maybe purchase the benches and the lighting fixtures. And with private donations, maybe we can make it nicer."

The goal is to take a park that is old and turn it into something that all dogs and their owners can benefit from.

Gouvas says, "It's a place where people and their dogs can get out and socialize."

It won't be long before Benny gets his wish come true. Parks & Recreation will begin taking bids on the fencing for the dog park at the end of this week. They are hoping the park can be a reality by September.

The other $25,000 will go toward replacing the playground equipment at H.P. Thomas Park and enhancing the picnic areas.

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