School Buses Rolling, Despite Record High Gas Prices

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With gas prices continuing to hit record highs, motorists are searching for ways to provide some price relief. Some are opting for more fuel-friendly vehicles and have began carpooling, while other drivers are forced to take the increased prices in stride.

Area school bus systems have been hit hard by the high costs of gas but say regardless of what the cost becomes they don't have a choice but to purchase it.

Johnny Watkins, Vehicle Maintenance Manager with Warren County Pupil Transportation says that encouraging drivers to idle buses less is among the actions being taken in order to cut back on some of the fuel costs.

Watkins says the transportation department does try to remain within the budget they are given but he says the school board is accommodating for the increases.

The school system is considering bio diesel fuel as an alternative.
Most buses average about six to seven miles a gallon, meaning the cost of a typical fill-up is around $150.

There are 212 buses in the Warren County fleet. Combined they travel around 12,000 miles a day.