WKU Study Abroad in London

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News of the bombings did not stop more than a dozen Western Kentucky University students from heading to London for a month long study abroad.

The "Cooperative Center for Study Abroad" is made up of 24 American colleges and universities including Western.

Thirteen WKU students were already scheduled to fly out of Nashville late Thursday afternoon en route to London.

Mclean County graduate student... Alaina Green has studied abroad before. She says she was shocked to learn of the bombings but decided not to let it keep her from going.
Program coordinators at Western's International Center say they are keeping a very close watch on the situation.

They say the trip will stay on schedule as long as London officials feel the city is safe for travel.

"I don't think the doors of International Education should be entirely closed if there's ever a time in history that we need to know or understand where we live, it's now."

Students from all over the U.S. taking part in the study program will meet for an orientation once they arrive in London. The students are scheduled to return August 8.