Military Applicants Not Fit

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Sergeant Christopher Bradley is a recruiter for the Kentucky National Guard. He says applicants that are overweight or obese are not just a problem in Bowling Green.

Sgt. Bradley says, "From what I hear all over the state, even in Louisville they are having the same problem."

So what are the physical requirements for an applicant to pass?

Bradley says, "We have a physical fitness test. It's called an annual fitness test. You have to run two miles in a certain amount of time depending on your age."

They also must perform a certain amount of pushups in two minutes time. For men between 17 and 21 it's 71. For women the same age it's 48. A certain number of situps must also be done in two minutes. For men between 17 and 21, it's 78. For women, it's 80.

Body fat is also taken into consideration. Sergeant Bradley says: "They'll tape your neck and waist then put those numbers together with your weight and height to get your body fat percentage."

Men's body fat should be no more than 25 percent. Women's should be no more than 28 percent. If it's point five percent more then they are considered ineligible.

Sergeant Bradley says, "The army sets standards for a reason. These are our standards and you have to meet the standards or you don't qualify."

Sergeant Bradley says when they do get an obese applicant they offer to train with that person until they meet the requirements. However, he says they usually don't want to put forth the extra effort.

Sergeant Bradley says, "It's very frustrating. The people that come to us who are very obese are the ones that really want to serve their country. More so than ones who are in shape and meet all of our standards."

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