BGMU/Insight Cable at Odds On Possible Fiber Network

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A proposed new service aimed at lowering your cable and phone bills faces a long and possibly hard fight before it can become reality.

At the request of the city commission, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities will investigate the possiblity of installing a new fiber-optic network to its service area.

The network would provide faster service and bigger bandwith to your house.

Some city commissioners believe the new service would allow providers to put your phone, cable, and internet provider services all on one cheaper bill.

But local cable and phone providers say the fiber network is information overkill and would provide an unfair business advantage to new companies.

"It doesn't seem like the cities that are doing this are getting the people to buy into these services at the rate that they need to pay for the services themselves. So it's becoming a money loser," said John Dobken, Insight's Government Affiars liason.

BGMU's study results are expected in November.