Mayor Walker's Son Blocks Away From London Blasts

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Bowling Green's mayor spent a few tense hours after hearing of the attacks.
Her son, Evan, is studying in London.

He was just blocks away from 2 of the bombings.

Evan Walker says he was in class when he heard what sounded like a thunder clap.

When his class stepped out into the streets, they were surrounded by emergency crews on their way to help.

Walker said most of London is trying to get back to normal today, in defiance of the terrorists disruptive plans.

"I've been very impressed by the way everybody seems to be going about their business. I think everybody understands that the main goal of terrorists is to try and disrupt our way of life and to try and strike fear into everybody but everybody has still been out," Evan Walker said.

Walker and his class took the subway Friday for a field trip. He says he will always remember the bombings, but they won't scar his overall impression of his stay.