Teens and Alcohol

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Nearly one in four teens say their own parents have supplied them with alcohol.

Teenagers we talked to say while they choose not to drink, it’s not uncommon to hear
other kids talking about it at school.

Chase Goff is a senior at Warren Central and says while several of his classmates have gone down the wrong road, it’s a path he’s not going to follow.

Goff says especially around special events like prom and graduation is when alcohol is talked about most. However, officials warn that alcohol can be the beginning of many problems.

"Kids come in here with a variety of drug problems but the majority of the problems began by drinking alcohol," Rivendell Program Director, Chris Williams said.

According to the American Medical Association 21% of teens attended a party where alcohol was provided by someone’s parents and 27% of teens attended a drinking party with the parents present.

If you’re a parent and you’re caught giving alcohol to a minor, it’s considered a misdemeanor and you can face jail time and steep fines.