Ryan Montgomery Funeral

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Governor Ernie Fletcher says: "One is too many. And certainly something to come here and let the family know the appreciation we have for their sacrifice."

Governor Fletcher expressed the feelings of the hundreds of mourners who showed up to say goodbye to Ryan Montgomery. Around town signs display the sense of loss within the community. Mourners waited in a long line to shake hands with his father and twin brother Bryan, to offer their condolences.

Kentucky National Guard Adjutant General, Donald Storm, says: "We are a family as you've heard me say numerous times. And it is like losing a family member."

Members of the Green County Fire and Rescue were seated near the family to honor their fallen brother. Pictures of happier times with Ryan were on display in the front of the gymnasium, along with the medals he was given posthumously for his service to the United States.

Gen. Storm says: "This is just another tragic loss. And it just quite frankly rips your heart out. But the price of freedom is indeed very expensive."

The Fire and Rescue squad led the funeral procession, as they took the 22-year-old to his final resting-place. The family of Ryan Montgomery say they will always remember him for the smile on his face and the love he had for his truck, his country, and God.

They say they are happy he is now in a better place.

Ryan Montgomery is the seventh member of the Kentucky National Guard to be killed in Iraq since the war began.