Amy Bingham Leaves WBKO

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Friday, March 21st, we shared some bittersweet news with you. The beginning of a new job for one WBKO employee means her final goodbye here. WBKO's Tamara Evans tells you more about Amy Bingham's last day!

She's a face you probably recognize.

"I feel Amy Bingham is synonymous with WBKO," says Midday Anchor, Darla Oglesby.

Amy Bingham started at WBKO as the morning anchor in 1992.

"Chris and I did AM KY," says Amy.

"I didn't really know her that well. I knew she was from Elkton in Todd County. She came across as a very genuine person," said Chris Allen.

Two years later she was promoted to the 6 and 10 News.

"She co-anchored the six with me," Gene Birk recalled.

"So it was one extreme to the other schedule-wise," said Amy.

Over the years you've seen her on-air, anchoring and reporting, but what about the work she does behind the scenes?

"This station became what it is today because of her. Because of her hard work, because of her dedication," says Darla Oglesby.

Amy's also been the interim news director in tough times and over the most recent years an assignment editor, helping reporters come up with stories daily, keeping in contact with other television stations, and doing the scheduling. But not only that, being someone that everyone could turn to.

"I have depended on her every morning just for my morning pep talk," says Darla Oglesby.

"Just being very happy and very warm and very welcoming to me," says former WBKO Anchor Fida Georges.

"You've become a staple to this newsroom and station and Bowling Green as a whole," said James Brandenburg in a video given to Amy by fellow employees.

Now, Amy Bingham has some news to share. "Well, today's my last day at WBKO after 15 1/2 years," she said.

Amy is taking on a new job at Western Kentucky University as the coordinator of broadcast services. Once a week she'll be bringing you the "View from the Hill", right here on WBKO.

So while she's leaving behind the station, "This place has meant the world to me," she said.

She won't be forgotten.

"I feel like her legacy isn't going to be Amy Bingham, fantastic anchor at WBKO. Her legacy is going to be Amy Bingham, fantastic person," says Darla Oglesby.

From all of us here at WBKO, we wish Amy Bingham nothing but the best with her new job with WKU. She'll be missed dearly by each and every one of us.

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