Local Dance Studios Benefiting From Dancing With The Stars

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On Dancing With the Stars celebrities learn the steps to a dance in a week. At the end of that week it's dance-off time.

Now dance fever has hit Bowling Green!

Susan Leachman says, "I started a new class Monday, of a group of 6 couples. They had watched Dancing With the Stars and were highly motivated."

Susan Leachman teaches ballroom dancing at Dancing with Susan Leachman. Lately she's seen more couples who want to take lessons.

Leachman says, "I think it's made people aware that we can do that type of dance at all ages. It's not just for the very young."

Rachel McCubbins and Adam Drummond have been taking swing lessons from Leachman for three weeks now.

McCubbins says, "I've danced since I was really little and it's one of those things I've always wanted to do and I started watching Dancing With the Stars. My friends and I decided we could do that too. So we decided to take some classes."

They both say they enjoy learning the dances. Drummond says he's not sure if he'll learn any others. Leachman says many men end up having the time of their life.

Leachman says, "They usually have to be coerced to get there. But nine times out of ten they love it."

Whether they become dance stars isn't important to the local fans of dance. They say it's all about having fun.

Couples dance lessons at Dancing With Susan Leachman cost $120 for six weeks. For more information about her lessons call (270) 843-6112.