16Th Annual Soap Box Derby Held at Phil Moore Park

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The final races of the 16Th Annual BB&T All American Soap Box Derby were held at Phil Moore Park today.

Kids ages seven to seventeen raced to be the quickest one down the hill.

"I'm excited to go down the hill," says Avery Cole, whose participating in the race.

As seven year old Avery prepares to race down the hill for the first time her dad leans in to give her some pointers.

"Keeping steady, focusing only so far in front of you, and keeping things as calm as can be," says Jason Cole.

Win or lose, it was more about friendly competition.

"We we're talking to her last night and telling her what makes a good winner is someone who can lose every now and then," says Cole.

Avery is just one of 100 racers in the event that many call unique.

"I think one of the really neat things about the race is it's an opportunity for boys and girls to compete against each other in a very level playing field. We have three different types of cars out here, and they
all weigh the same in each of their divisions so anybody has a chance to win," Scott Laufenberg, Race Director.

"Here you can race a guy and if you win you just say good luck and shake hands and y'all are equal," says Tehya Payne, a racer.

Constructing the cars they fly down the hill in is just another part of the learning experience.

"They have to build their car so it's an opportunity for a child and an adult to spend some time together learning about how their car works," says Laufenberg.

"To put your own pride into something I just enjoyed it," says Cole.

"It was really fun getting to make it," says Avery,

Three winners advanced to the world championships in Akron Ohio on July 27Th.

Laufenberg estimates the event raised nearly 10,000 that will be donated to local children's charities.

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