Family Wants Stricter Driving Laws

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A cross stands on the side of Browning Road in Warren County to remember 17-year-old Jessica Matlock. Jessica was killed three weeks ago when her car ran off the shoulder and flipped. She was partially ejected through the cars sunroof and trapped underneath. Jessica was not wearing a seatbelt.

Jessica’s parents, Ben and Brenda Matlock say they wish they could have a second chance to teach their daughter about the importance of safe driving.

“It’s something we regret. If we could go back we would teach Jessica about seatbelt safety number one and number two being responsible when they’re driving,” Brenda said.

Warren County Circuit Court Clerk, Pat Goad, says while parents are the driving force behind teaching their kids responsible driving, the kids also need the proper training.

Goad says she recognizes the recent rash of automobile fatalities in our area, from possibly not having the proper training.

Sadly, the Matlock’s don’t have a second chance to teach their daughter about safe driving. All they have now are pictures and memories.

The National Safety Council recently released the top 10 ranking of the deadliest states. Kentucky ranks ninth because young drivers, 16 to 20 years old, make up a large percentage of all fatal car accidents.

While there haven’t been any recent changes in Kentucky’s Department of Transportation to lower this number, the Matlock’s are hoping to change that.