Logan County Flooding

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Highway 431S, between Russellville and Adairville had several areas with high water. Dan draper lives near one of the flooded spots.

"I just talked to the highway department about bringing some signs out. About water over the road."

The transportation department did put signs up along some parts of the road. However, there are also a few flooded areas that do not have any warning signs. Many of the fields are submerged with water.

Draper says he's upset about the flooding because his squash, pumpkin and watermelon plants are ruined.

"It makes me feel pretty bad right now because I can't get to it. Tomatoes are just sitting out there. They're Joanna rot."

Draper says he's worried tomorrow's storms will make it impossible for him to get into town. He says he has emergency supplies on hand in case they can't leave.