Local Lawmaker Says Gov. Fletcher Should Resign

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A local lawmaker says Governor Fletcher should resign after he pardoned some of his appointees under investigation for illegal hiring practices.

Saying he believed in his people the Governor said he will pardon those already under indictment but not himself.

Democrat Representative Rob Wilkey says the pardons are unfair to state workers who deserve to know the truth, and says the governor should consider stepping down.

"I think this governor ought to seriously consider that. I question whether he will have the clout that he needs given the cloud that will hang over this administration to discharge his duties for the people of the Commonwealth, but that's his decision," Wilkey said.

"I don't think it's come to that. I don't think the Governor should resign. I think he did what he felt he had to do in his heart," said Republican Representative Jim DeCesare (R-21st).

Governor Fletcher refused to comment on the investigation or his pardon decision at a news conference this afternoon in Hopkinsville.

Fletcher appeared before the grand jury for three minutes this morning but refused to testify.