Ohio Co. To Decide on Confederate Flags in Schools

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Ohio County's school board will decide Thursday night if students can continue wearing clothing that displays the Confederate flag.

A group of Ohio County parents are asking the school board to ban the Confederate flag and any image of it.

But the school system's dress code committee is expected to recommend that the board continue to allow Confederate flag clothing but institute more diversity and tolerance classes.

Ohio County's superintendent met today with a son of the Confederacy who says his flag is often misunderstood.

"It has become very easy for folks to attack my flag. Oh just blame it on the Confederate flag and presume to assume that everybody who wears the flag is a racist or a bigot, and that's one of the greatest lies ever told," said
H.K. Edgerton, an African-American Confederate flag advocate.

Edgerton met with Ohio County Superintendent Soretta Ralph Monday afternoon to applaud the expected recommendation.

"We're gonna do what's best for the students of Ohio County and we're gonna do what's best for the students of our school system," said Ralph.

the school board will meet Thursday night to make it's final decision.