Allen County-Scottsville High New Rules

When students at Allen County-Scottsville High go back to school, they won't have to question the dress code policy anymore.

The principal, Greg Dunn, says, "There were some situations in our current policy that weren't real clear and students didn't know where they stood."

Dunn and a group of teachers and students got together to clarify some of the school rules, including the dress code.

For females, one of the most noticeable changes is that they won't be able to wear off-the shoulder shirts, without something underneath.

Dunn says, "A lot of times the off the shoulder look had a small strap or a bra strap and we didn't feel that was appropriate."

If a girl does wear a sleeveless shirt, the strap has to be at least two inches wide.

Males also have sleeveless shirt restrictions. In the past boys could wear them if the strap had a hem, but now they won't be able to wear sleeveless shirts at all.

Dunn says, "What we run into are students that wear shirts that have a large armhole and exposes the midriff."

The students won't be able to wear extreme make-up or hair colors. They also won't be able to sport extreme hair styles.

While students might say what they wear doesn't affect their learning, school officials say it could affect the person sitting next to them.

"The person that chooses to wear that might not be affected by their learning, it might not affect their discipline, but they might have an influence on somebody else."

Principal Dunn wants the students to realize once they graduate and get a job in the real world; chances are they won't be able to wear revealing clothes. Dunn says, "Certain things they're going to be exposed to will require them to dress a certain way and I think they need to be aware of that."

He's hoping the clarified rules will help prepare the students for the future.