Simpson County School To Start One Week Later

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Simpson county schools were scheduled to resume on August 1. Now the start date is being pushed back to August 8.

Jim Flynn says, "In terms of the decision to delay school, we just felt like it was paramount to ensure the safety and the welfare of our students. We wanted our students and our staff to be able to enter school in a safe and healthy learning environment. By delaying a week, we're hoping to better ensure that will happen."

Flynn is the superintendent for Simpson County Schools. He says the majority of renovations are taking place at Simpson Elementary. They are getting a new facade on the front of the school, a new roof, a new HVAC unit throughout the building, and all new lighting.

Students will also get to eat lunch in a bigger cafeteria.

Flynn says, "We were having to start our lunches earlier than we preferred and end lunch later than we preferred due to the size of the eating area. This will kind of shorten that lunch period."

Franklin-Simpson Middle school is also having some work done to their building. And Franklin-Simpson High School received a new roof over the summer break.