Kentucky National Guard Aids Hurricane Victims

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Kentucky National Guard trucks, troops and aircraft are on their way to the Gulf Coast to assist in relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

That will include distributing supplies and airlifting the sick and injured.

Adjutant General Donald Storm says 47 Kentucky Air National Guard personnel are being dispatched.

Kentucky also is sending two C-130 aircraft that will initially deliver 200,000 empty sandbags.

Among the Air Guard personnel are a squadron highly trained in pararescue and swift water rescue.

They will help pluck the hundreds or thousands of people still believed stranded in their homes and other buildings in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Storm says another 260 National Guard troops will leave Friday along with trucks, tankers, wreckers and a maintenance section.

Back in Kentucky, the Air Guard base at Louisville International Airport will serve as a receiving station for sick and injured people who may be transferred to Louisville hospitals.