Bush Announces Supreme Court Nomination

President Bush has ended his quest for a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Sandra Day O'Connor.

Bush announced that Federal Appeals court Judge John G. Roberts Junior is his nomination for the empty seat.

Roberts has been on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit since June of 2003, after being picked for that seat by Bush.

Roberts was born in Buffalo, New York, but grew up and attended high school in Northwestern Indiana.

The pick delighted Republicans while unsettling some Democrats with the selection of a young Jurist with impeccable conservative credentials.

If confirmed by the Senate, the 50-year-old Roberts would succeed retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has long been a swing vote on a Court divided narrowly on issues such as abortion, Affirmative Action, States' rights and the Death penalty.

Kentucky's Senior Senator Mitch McConnell says, "Roberts is an excellent choice...he is a jurist of keen intellect, and the highest integrity, and he will faithfully interpret the Constitution."