Local Businesses Taking Donations for Hurricane Victims

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Giving to the victims of Hurricane Katrina is becoming a priority for people all over the country. Here in South Central Kentucky, Hughes and Coleman law firm, on Campbell Lane, is taking donations.

Lee Coleman says their firm has been greatly effected by the hurricane.
"Just in our little slice of the world here, we've got a lawyer who was raised in New Orleans. I have lawyer friends in New Orleans. Several of our staff members have family down there. When that many people are effected, I think it brings people together."

Hughes and Coleman is taking mops, brooms, antibacterial handsoap, bottled water, canned sodas, bleach, paper towels and cups, disposable forks and spoons, and non-perishable food.

The four Bowling Green branches of National City Bank, as well as the Smiths Grove branch, are also taking donations.

Kevin Mays, with National City, says: "Our hearts are going out to these people who have been devastated. And it's a personal connection as well. One of our employee’s fathers lives down there and he's not had any connection since this happened. So it's become very real for us."

National City is collecting these items for health kits to send to the hurricane victims: Hand towels, washcloths, large combs, nail files, fingernail clippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste and adhesive bandages.