Schools Get Hurricane Victims

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Natcher Elementary in Bowling Green has already received one student from Louisiana. While officials are not allowed to release the young girl’s name, we do know she’s in the second grade.

"She's adjusted very well. I think living with family members has helped her," Family Resource Center Cord. Susan Tabor said.

With both Warren County and Bowling Green City Schools receiving several calls about more students being displaced due to Hurricane Katrina, officials are gearing up and preparing as if they’ll receive more.

"One question that’s asked a lot is, if we bring our children here would they be allowed to attend your school? The answer is yes."

Bowling Green Superintendent, Dr. John Settle says kids are allowed to enroll in other schools, but there are several issues that would need to be addressed. For example, health records.

Dr. Settle says school officials are anticipating the majority of kids will arrive without any kind of record. Which brings up many issues especially since Kentucky has certain qualifications children must meet before starting school. However, Dr. Settle says in emergency situations like these they must focus on the students’ needs first, then the paperwork.

There is a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Assistance Act, to help kids out in times like this.

The law requires each state educational agency to ensure homeless children have equal access to free public education, including preschool.